Busting The Seven Myths Of Natural Black Hair

Although natural black hair can be incredibly beautiful, there are countless myths that have been circulating for years about its texture.

Even those who have Afro hair often buy into these misconceptions and try everything possible to get rid of their kink, however if you’re brave enough to embark on a natural hair journey of your own, you’ll realize that the reality is completely different to the traditionally held beliefs.

This article aims to bust those myths and to help the world to see the truth about natural Afro hair.

Myth One:

Natural Afro Hair Is Strong

Just because your natural hair feels tough that doesn’t mean that it is.

In fact, natural hair is surprisingly fragile and needs to be treated carefully.

This is because the strands bend and curl, with every curl forming a potential breaking point since the bends in the strands weaken the hair shafts.


Myth Two:

Black Natural Hair Can Be Combed

Natural hair cannot be styled or combed in the same way as straight hair.

Kinky hair has to be worked in a totally different way to relaxed hair.

You should never try to comb natural hair when it’s dry, only when it is wet and with plenty of conditioner applied.


Myth Three:

I Need To Only Use A Product Designed For Black Hair

There is no such thing as a shampoo or conditioner that is solely for white or for black hair.

While some products may be geared towards the black demographic, in fact that doesn’t mean that only black people can use them, and vice versa.

Many products work equally well for all ethnicities.


Myth Four:

Natural Hair Isn’t Fashionable

Not so long ago, having natural Afro hair was considered to be unfashionable.

However these days we are seeing more and more people who are sick of wrestling with their hair trying to conform to beauty standards.

Take a look at any modern fashion magazine and you’ll see beautiful black women with natural hair looking just as fantastic as any model with straightened hair.


Myth Five:

I Should Use Mineral Oil And Petroleum On My Hair


Although hair products marketed towards black women contains mineral oil and petroleum, this is solely because they make the hair shiny and not because they are beneficial.

In fact both of these substances clog up the pores on the scalp, coating the hair strands and causing more breakage and damage in the long term.


Myth Six

Natural Hair Will Never Grow Long


While it is a common misconception that natural hair cannot grow in fact this is nonsense.

The problem is that longer natural hair is highly prone to breakage and therefore it requires extra care to maintain its length.

Keep oiling the ends, use deep conditioning treatments, wear protective hairstyles, eat healthily, stay hydrated and do plenty of exercise to give your hair the best chance of growing and being retained.

Avoid using heated tools like hairdryers and curling irons and avoid coloring your hair and extra breakage will be avoided.


Myth Seven

I Shouldn’t Wash My Natural Hair Frequently


Yes, natural hair may be quite fragile, however washing is actually good for it.

The key is to avoid strong shampoos and to be sparing with any product that contains sodium laurel sulfate as these products are very harsh and can dry out the hair.

Water will not dry out your hair, and in fact is an effective moisturizer, so feel free to apply it regularly!


Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand your Afro hair better so that you can make an informed decision about whether to continue straightening your locks or whether you choose to go for a more natural look.

African Hair is beautiful!

African, Afro-American, Caribbean, Brazilian, wherever is your origin, if you have in your veins some blood from the Black Continent, you have the most amazing hair on Earth.

With our skin tone ranging from ‘Caf√© au lait’, light honey to dark ebony, we put some colour to the world.

Portrait of an African American Black Woman With Long Hair. ©Adobe Stock Photo

Depending on how we look at it, our hair my look a daily challenge or an incredible opportunity, a gift from God to look even better than any other human creature in the World.

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